Musings of a teddy
Hello I'm Dennis
I'm 25 years old US Army Veteran
This blog is about my life and interests. I have a plethora of interest and kinda delve into many hobbies. I like videos and I play League of Legends. I am also a very big cat lover. If you need someone to talk to drop me an ask. I'll always answer to the best of my ability. Otherwise, enjoy the randomness that is my blog!

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    Pokemon Cards that tell stories

    Love the first one

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  • Sometimes i am Bob, sometimes i am Linda.

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    Slow down, grab the wall
    Wiggle like you tryna make yo ass fall off

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    dawwwwww, it’s so cu-


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    no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

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    Gravity shift! [video]


    City Council is re-calibrating the gravity of the city today. Citizens are warned to anticipate sudden gravity shifts and stay near objects which can be grabbed onto in the event of a shift. And now, the weather.

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    That episode where you find out that a member of the zany villain squad actually has a heartbreaking past, which includes a bit where he pushes himself to perform a feat that has never been done before and has never been done since, all for the sake of love, only to be rejected as a freak.

    All three of them have heartbreaking pasts.

    Meowth’s was listed above.

    James had abusive (at the very least neglectful, but they didn’t care how he was treated so long as he awarded them prestige) parents who had engaged him to a sociopath, who wanted to whip him and change everything about him to be more “presentable.” He ran away and was on the streets for a long time before he finally joined a crime ring. 

    Jesse was raised by a single mother, and the two of them were so poor that they rarely had actual food; her mother would make her a “feast” out of snow in the winter that Jesse considered to be a treat because that’s how badly they were starving. If the audio dramas are to be believed, Jesse’s mother was also a member of Team Rocket, who disappeared (read: died) on an expedition searching for Mew, leaving Jesse alone. And then Jesse, like James (and Meowth) was so desperate for a means to survive that she (inadvertently?) followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined Team Rocket/a life of crime just to get by.

    "Zany villains" they may be, but Jesse, James, and Meowth are the three deepest characters on the show. I love them.

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