Hello I'm Dennis
I'm 25 years old US Army Veteran
This blog is about my life and interests. I have a plethora of interest and kinda delve into many hobbies. I like videos and I play League of Legends. I am also a very big cat lover. If you need someone to talk to drop me an ask. I'll always answer to the best of my ability. Otherwise, enjoy the randomness that is my blog!

  • tattedandnerdy:


    League of Legends X DISNEY! :D 


    Dude yes!!!

  • thatblondeperson:


    so i was on the american apparel website and i came across the halloween section…

    imagedystopian eh? 

    imagei wonder what anime these girls are from???

    imageah yes, my favourite movie - nasty girls

    imagedefinitely not one of the most well-known illustrated characters


    i just….wow

    and now for my personal favourite…



    I found my new favorite post

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  • darkartz:


    The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horrors XXV” - ANIME STYLE

    We need to,talk about that Naruto and Mikasa

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