Musings of a teddy
Hello I'm Dennis
I'm 25 years old US Army Veteran
This blog is about my life and interests. I have a plethora of interest and kinda delve into many hobbies. I like videos and I play League of Legends. I am also a very big cat lover. If you need someone to talk to drop me an ask. I'll always answer to the best of my ability. Otherwise, enjoy the randomness that is my blog!

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    This is a sea otter with hiccups.  

    You’re welcome.

    this is a seal

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    Essentially any girl I’ve ever been interested in.

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    when he doesn’t love you anymore when you’re no longer young and beautiful


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    theres this kid in my maths class who can recite pi to 720 digits

    and im there like image

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    y’all react to the word sex the way dogs react to the word walk


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